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Why Your Retail Floor Could Be the Perfect Advertising Space

Our natural gaze tends to be downward these days as we walk along looking at our mobile phones, so take advantage of this by placing key advertising on your retail floor space. It’s a quick and easy way to make a lasting impression on your visitors.

Not all retailers realise the power of a short but sweet advert carefully positioned where footfall is high. You can catch customers’ attention with bright and cheery advertising or directional floor stickers – even smaller premises can benefit from a new approach to branding and advertising by contacting a professional firm for advice.

It’s important to take advantage of this type of specialist knowledge, as expertly produced retail signage and graphics have the potential to boost business for the long-term. In fact, they could become a key part of your marketing strategy that brings a high return-on-investment.

So what type of floor advertising could you use, and how would it benefit your retail business?

Floor stickers to extend your retail branding

You probably already have your eye-level and higher-level signage in place, but floor advertising adds an extra dimension to your shop. Stickers can be printed in all shapes and sizes, providing a perfect representation of your business at floor level.

High quality graphics and lettering in bright colours direct attention to sales areas, special events, and other key parts of your store where you want to direct your visitors. But be sure the manufacturer uses the latest technologies and printing solutions, as these are key to achieving high quality results.

A poor advertising product is worse than no product at all in our opinion, and it’s definitely a worthwhile investment to shop around for your advertising collateral. At the end of the day you need to commission a unique set of services, so take care.

What types of flooring can be used for advertising purposes?

Stone floors, concrete, and even highly polished tiles are just some of the types of flooring that can be made suitable for advertising. You’ll need to decide whether the stickers will be placed in position on a temporary basis, or more permanently, but you can quickly make use of all the space available to you in your shop.

How long the advertising will remain there dictates the type of materials used to create your stickers – whether anti-slip graphics are needed, for example, or extra durable materials. The amount of footfall in the designated area is also a key element when commissioning floor advertising, and your designer will be able to present your best options.

Retail branding is often absorbed by consumers on a subconscious level, so cohesion is important. If you’re considering larger format floor advertising and graphics, you can also create a memorable retail experience for your customers through floor ‘scenes’ and themes.

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