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5 Compelling Reasons to Use Illuminated Signs in Your Business

If you’re wondering what type of business signs you might need for your new enterprise, or are upgrading or expanding on your current signage, it’s worthwhile giving some thought to illuminated signs.

When you illuminate your business with quality signage it shows a professional approach, and that you take your business seriously. With many aesthetic and practical benefits of using illuminated signs in your business, it’s a difficult proposition to ignore.

What exactly is illuminated business signage?

Illuminated signage can incorporate indoor and outdoor signs. Retail businesses often use it to make sure their business is noticed around the clock, and to create a consistent presence in their location.

Indoor signs that are lit also allow shops to present softly lit window displays when they’re closed, for example, and during the winter months when natural daylight is at a considerably lower level than the summer.

Illuminated outdoor signs, on the other hand, are generally brighter and bolder, to announce the presence of the business as people pass by. Illuminated signage is a highly effective way to promote a business, so what are some of the specific benefits?

Why should you use illuminated signs in your business?

1.      Draw customers to your door

Illuminated outdoor signage lets customers know that you’re there. An eye-catching sign makes you stand apart from competitors with no illuminated signs, and boosts your branding.

2.      Better communication and improved customer service

LED lit signs are bright and distinct, and display a clear message in the daytime or at night. Essentially, you’re communicating well with your customers all the time, and telling people the information they need to know about your business.

3.      Long-lasting marketing

Well-manufactured illuminated signage is long lasting and can generate a great return on investment. When you consider that it involves a one-off manufacture and installation cost, there’s definitely value for money there.

4.      Effective business branding

Quality signage speaks volumes about your business. It’s impressive, and tells people you’re going to be around for the long-haul. Professionally produced business signage is about customer service as well as marketing. It enables potential customers to quickly find out information they need to know, whether that’s your opening hours or simply the fact that you’re there on the high street.

5.      Bespoke signage to meet your needs

Shop and business signage can be manufactured to individual needs. There’s no one size fits all with this type of advertising – you can choose the style, materials, colours, and fonts to match your existing branding.

Signs can often be overlooked as a tool for business communication, whether that’s communicating with other businesses or with consumers. When you illuminate your signage you go that extra mile and access the additional benefit of 24-hour advertising. This can ultimately generate even more business, and a better bottom line.

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