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5 Benefits of Fleet Livery Advertising for Your Business

When you consider the impact fleet livery advertising has, wherever your vehicles happen to be, it’s clearly a marketing method worth considering. It’s 24/7 advertising that typically translates to years of benefit for a single outlay.

High quality livery extends your marketing reach, and makes your fleet a highly effective mobile branding machine. But before we look at the benefits in more detail, what does fleet livery branding involve?

How to brand your fleet

Choosing a firm that specialises in fleet livery, and that can offer you an end-to-end service, including in-house design, manufacture, and installation, is key to successfully branding your fleet. 

It means you deal with a single point of contact, and know exactly where your project is at every stage. You may already have an idea of the images and graphics you want to use, and a professional firm will work with you to develop these into physical products that adorn your entire vehicle fleet.

What are the benefits to your business of fleet livery advertising?

1.      Mobile billboard

Fleet livery is effectively a mobile billboard. It’s a powerful way to get your business noticed, using scenes and displays that complement or represent your company. The graphics you use can have a dramatic impact wherever the vehicles are located – at motorway services, travelling through town, or unloading on the high street.

2.      Cost-effective and flexible

You pay once for the design, manufacture, and installation of fleet livery adverts, and get years of consistent advertising for your spend – surely a budget-friendly way to advertise, as livery is typically very long-lasting.  It’s also a flexible advertising method, though, and can easily be changed if you decide on a new design or are rebranding.

3.      Boost brand identity

If you haven’t considered fleet livery marketing before, it’s a great way to develop your brand and present your business to a wider audience. If you’re a start-up or relatively new company, branding your vehicles presents a professional firm to the public that’s in business for the long-term.

4.      Protection for your fleet

Vinyl wraps protect your vehicles from the elements, effectively adding value by weatherproofing should you ever decide to sell one or more of the fleet. Your manufacturer will be able to tell you how to maintain your fleet livery, and ensure long-lasting returns on your investment.

5.      Non-obtrusive advertising

If you’re tired of invasive marketing and feel bombarded by it, be reassured that advertising your business on your vehicle fleet is effective and dynamic, but not aggressive. It’s compelling, and brings attention to your brand in a subtle way.

Fleet livery marketing could help you expand your brand and bring in more business. The sheer number of people who see this type of advertising in the course of a ‘normal’ day certainly makes it worth investigating.

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